Rolling Thunder Charities
Executive Officers & Board of Directors

Duane O'Parka

President (20)

Phone: 248-505-5953


Randy Cooley

Vice President (21)


Sherrie L. O'Parka


Secretary (20)

John Mazurkiewicz

Treasurer (21)


Rick Donley

Chairman of the Board (21)



Board Member  (21)
Mike Hilger


Board Member  (20)
April Long

Board Member  (20)
Gary Sumner


Board Member  (21)
Jeff Thomas

Alt. Board Member
Ellen Hilger


Alt. Chairman of the Board
Willie Long

Rolling Thunder® Inc. MI Chapter 5 

Honors all who fought in a war and came home safely, those who came home injured physically and mentally, those held prisoner of war or missing in action and especially those who died for our Safety, our Freedom, our Country...
God Bless them and the USA