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Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Brighton Mi 48116


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President Duane O'Parka

PO Box 305

Hartland, Mi 48353


The major function of Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is to publicize the POW/MIA issue: To educate the public that many American Prisoners of War were left behind after all previous wars, and to help correct the past and to protect future veterans from being left behind should they become Prisoners Of War -Missing In Action. We are also committed to helping American veterans from all wars. Rolling Thunder, Inc. is a non-profit organization and everyone donates his or her time because they believe in the POW/MIA issue.

Rolling Thunder Charities
Executive Officers & Board of Directors

Ellen Hilger

Duane O'Parka 2019_edited.jpg
President (22)

Duane O'Parka Sr.

: 248-505-5953

Mike Hilger_edited.jpg
Vice President (23)

Mike Hilger


Sherrie O_edited.jpg
Secretary (22)

Sherrie O'Parka

: 248-671-6743

Ellen Hilger 2019_edited.jpg
Treasurer (23)

Ellen Hilger


April L_edited.jpg
Chairman of the Board (23)

April Long


Board Member (23)

Victor Stoddard


Board Member  (22)
Richard Burke

John M.jpg
Alt Board Member  ()
John Mazurkiewicz


Board Member   (22)
Duane O'Parka II

Board Member  (22)
Dan Rawlings


American Flag on Pole
Board Member  (22)
April Holliee


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Board Member  (23)
Jeff Thomas


Rolling Thunder® Inc. MI Chapter 5 

Honors all who fought in a war and came home safely, those who came home injured physically and mentally, those held prisoner of war or missing in action and especially those who died for our Safety, our Freedom, our Country...
God Bless them and the USA